Situated in Mount Lebanon, at the village of Baissour, Aley district. The Jamil Molaeb Museum, was built between the years 2011 and 2015 by the artist Jamil Molaeb.

The museum is built near the atelier and traditional house of Jamil Molaeb where he was born and raised. It is the home of his paintings sculptures and mosaics.


The museum offers an exceptional permanent collection of paintings by other Lebanese masters from the 19th and 20th century like

Daoud Corm (1852-1930)

Habib Srour (1860-1938)

Khalil Saleeby (1870-1928)

Bibi Zoghbi (1890-1973)
Georges David Corm: (1896-1971)
César Gemayel (1898-1958) 
Mustafa Farroukh (1901-1957) 
Omar Onsi(1901-1969) 
Rachid Wehbi (1917-1993)

Farid Aouad (1924-1982)
Jean Khalifeh (1923-1978)
Alfred Basbous (1924-2006)
Paul Guiragossian (1925-1993) 

Shafic Abboud (1926-2004)
Halim Jurdak (b.1927)
Aref El Rayess (1928-2005)

Yvette Achkar (b.1928)
Wahib Bteddini (1929-2011)
Rafic Charaf (1932-2003)
Amine El Bacha (b.1932-2019)

Hussein Madi (b.1938)

Stélio Scamanga (b.1934) 

Hassan Jouni (b.1942)

Chaouki Chamoun (b.1942)

Assadour Bezdikian (b.1943)