Molaeb Festival For Chamber Music And Fine Arts


The Molaeb Festival is an international festival for chamber music and fine arts that takes place at the Jamil Molaeb Museum in Baissour mount-Lebanon.

Every year the festival hosts musicians from around the world to perform chamber music concerts at the museum and sometimes in different venues in Beirut.


Being resident at the charming Mount-Lebanon village, guest artists and musicians will get to learn about lebanese art, and life culture, likewise exchanging culture with the locals.

All that in a week of graceful mediterranean atmosphere at the museum with the mosaics, sculptures and paintings  of Jamil Molaeb.

So far, the festival hosted musicians from France, Switzerland, Germany,  Austria, England, Holland, Spain, Portugal,  Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Slovenia, Moldova, USA, Korea, China, Japan and Lebanon. 

''Molaeb'' in Arabic ''مُلاعِب''  stands for ''Performer'' or ''Player’'


The festival was founded in August 2015 together with the opening of the Jamil Molaeb Museum. 


We believe in music and the arts, as a way of living, a life longing and aspiration, our festival is to bring musicians from around the world to celebrate beauty in the heart of Mount Lebanon.


~Ribal Molaeb